Fencing Property

Fencing a property might look like a simple job but it usually comes with its own difficulties. Whether you want to fence an area to keep animals in, eliminate intruders, or just so you can have your privacy, knowing the common problems faced while fencing can help you avoid any troubles in the long run. Below are some of the most common problems people face when fencing their property.

Common Fencing Problems And Their Solutions

  • Uneven Terrain: The unevenness of the terrain is a common obstacle in a fencing project. Properties are not usually flat; they may have hills, slopes, or rough grounds, which makes the installation of a fence a difficult task. Fences on uneven terrain need to be designed creatively as they can only be built in a certain way. That is where you’ll need the help of a landscaping expert. Techniques like stepping or raking the fence panels can be used to adjust to the changes in the level of the terrain. Both methods need extra planning and work but in the end, you’ll get a firm and aesthetically pleasing fence.
  • Utility Lines: Ignoring underground utility lines is a dangerous and common mistake people make when fencing. Unintentionally hitting gas, water, or electrical lines can result in grave injuries, service disruptions, and expensive repairs. You should get in touch with the local utility companies before you start digging. They can send their representatives to mark the location of the underground lines so you can avoid them during the installation. This measure of caution is very important for safety and it makes sure that your project does not interfere with the essential services.
  • Soil Quality: The soil type mostly affects the stability of your fence. Sandy or loosely packed soil can cause fence posts to be unstable and, as a result, the fence becomes wobbly. On the other hand, rocky or clay-heavy soil is hard to dig through and may need strong techniques. To solve these problems, you have to modify your installation technique. For soil that is sandy or loose, professionals will often use concrete to fix the posts to ensure extra strength and stop movement. If the soil is rocky or clay-heavy, specialized digging tools or machinery may be needed to dig the post holes. Treated wood or metal posts are also a way to increase the durability in the soils that are hard to handle.
  • Climate Considerations: Fencing projects can be influenced by weather changes. It is a bad idea to set up a fence in extreme weather like heavy rain or when the ground is frozen as this can damage the stability and the life span of the fence.

DIY or Professional Installation

The decision of whether to build the fence yourself or to hire professionals can be a tough one. Even though DIY might look cheaper in the beginning, it demands time, energy, and a certain degree of skill. Landscaping companies or professional fence installers are the ones you should trust with this task because they have the knowledge and the skills, so they can install the fence faster and better than you would.

Fencing a property is not just about buying the materials and lining them up on the property line. It involves a lot of hassle so you should leave the job to professionals if you want a neat, strong, and aesthetic fence.

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