Backyard Fire Pit

Having a fire pit in the backyard of your house is a great idea because it gives an added place where your family and friends can comfortably sit as they enjoy their time. Whether you need a place to roast marshmallows, share stories or just to keep warm on a cool evening, a fire pit could be suitable for your outdoor space.

However, constructing a fire pit is not an easy task, as it needs a lot of planning and thinking to make it safe and efficient. Here are some important points that one should consider while constructing a fire pit in the backyard.

Check Local Regulations

A good rule of thumb is to consult your local government or your homeowner’s association before constructing a fire pit to ensure that you are not violating any rules or regulations. There are certain regulations that are presented to these areas concerning the size, placement, and kinds of fire pits that are acceptable. This way, you will not violate any of the laid down regulations and your fire pit will be both legal and safe.

Choose the Right Location

It is very important to choose the right location to have your fire pit to avoid causing any harm and enjoy the fire pit. Search for a level and clear space that should be more than 3 meters away from the house, fences, trees, and other structures that can easily catch fire. Do not put the fire pit closer to overhanging branches or near other flammable material. One should also take time to factor in the direction of the wind to avoid blowing the smoke either to your house or your neighbor’s compound.

Select Appropriate Materials

During the construction of a fire pit, there are some materials that should be used to avoid complications of fire breakout or the short life span of the fire pit. Select materials that are heat resistant such as brick, stones, or concrete. Do not use materials that can break or burst when exposed to high temperatures. Other types of fire pits are made of metal, but ensure that they are produced for high heat purposes.

Plan for Proper Drainage

A fire pit can hold water from rain or cleaning. To avoid the accumulation of water, lay down drainage plans. You can add a layer of gravel at the bottom of the pit or make a small hole to ensure that water can drain. Drainage is essential in ensuring that the fire pit does not accumulate any water, which is detrimental to its use.

Consider Size and Shape

Fire pits are available in different sizes and shapes, and therefore one should select a fire pit that suits his or her space. A round fire pit is the most preferred one due to its uniform heat emission. Square or rectangular designs may be better for modern design or where the fire pit will be placed in a smaller area. Make sure the fire pit will accommodate a good fire but also be small enough to be placed in the yard.

Build a Solid Foundation

A stable base is very important if you want to have a fire pit that will last. Begin by making a small hole about 2-3 inches deep, then place the gravel or sand on the hole. This base assists in drainage and gives a solid foundation on which the fire pit structure will be built. Ensure that the ground on which you are placing the fire pit is flat so that it does not lean or move to the other side.

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